Thursday, July 20, 2017

::third week in July::

So much is happening right now on this renovation.

The master vanity was delivered.  

Roses rally likes all our new grout.  Isn't she so cute?

That master shower is the coolest.  

All the interior doors arrived.  

The boys double faucet sink is the most amazing thing.  

The double oven cabinet kinda freaked me out because it isn't for a double oven.  Turns out you just cut out the bottom part to fit the second oven.  I was much relieved.  

The curb appeal keeps improving.  

The siding is here!

Of course I had to make Josh hold it up on the house.  

The trim around the windows is getting finished up.  

Look at all those cabinets.  It's blowing my mind.  

The sink is in and is giving me big smiles.  

Latter in the week they hung the interior doors.  

Brand new not jacked up not brass hinges - not anything like my old house.  

The boys bathroom was going to have an original beam in it that got covered on accident.  Because that bathroom is so tight on space then ended up needing to expose the beam again.  Awesome.  

"Schaefer INDY"  written on the side of the door

I couldn't take it.  I made Josh put up more of the siding for me to see.  I can't wait to see it up.  

The temporary braces on the side porch are starting to come off.  

The door trim is getting finished.  

Part of the beam int he boys bath had to get chipped out.  It sucks to cut that stunning beam but it had to happen.  

Turns out that master bath cabinet was damaged and has to go back.  
-sad face-

Look at that pretty little house.  
They just put the trim on the pony wall by the master toilet.

Love this plan with notes laying around.

The secret passage between Lily and Q room got framed in.  

We cut a piece of plywood to mock up the island counter top.  
It is going to seat 6 and be painted green.  

I can't wait to see what happens next week.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

::second week in july::

This house is really moving along!  Here is the view out of the mudroom door. 

Quinny is very excited about his secret passage between his room and Lily's room. 

All the drywall is getting finished up on the walls.

I picked a color for the front hall.  Gulp!  Hope it works.

Look how pretty the old floor boards are.  I wish we could save them but they are so damaged that they are getting covered with plywood and new flooring installed. 

New master shower is going in. 

Around mid week the drywall got finished in the kitchen. 

The shower got finished being tiled.  I can't wait to see the grout in.  

The chicken continues to try to get in the house and she is really angry that the doors are on the house.  

Here is the new puppy!  Her name is Rose Marianne Schaefer.   Yes - she is a Saint Bernard.  Yes - we make bad choices.  Yes - she is so great.  More to come on this baby soon.  

Cabinets got delivered and we had to open one up to take a look.  

All the plywood floors got laid down to try to help even out some of the waves from the log floor joists.  The floors will never be wave free, but they will be close enough for a 100+ year old house and owner who think the house is cute.  

The secret passage between the two closets from the view of Lily's room.  

So much has happened this week, but next week is going to be even more amazing.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

::first week in july::



and more drywall.  It's not been the most exciting week, but its all very important.   

Shower stall got lined and is prepped for tile.  

Our big outdoor dogs got their pen started by Josh.  Its coming along really well and should be ready in a week or so.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

::last week in June::

I’ve set my goal to blog weekly on our house until we move in.  The momentum is really rolling fast now and I want to do a better job of journaling it all so I can remember again. 

On Monday they put on ¾ of the roof while a separate crew started the frame for the front porch.

I found a random corn plant growing in the cracks of the drive way. 

They started replacing the rotten wood on the soffit trim. 

Some vented soffits started getting installed. 

Tuesday the rest of the roof got done with the roof for the porch also being installed.

There are new temporary steps on the back door and I just think they are so cute. 

The soffits got more work. 

Some windows started getting trimmed. 

The inside of the front porch got closed in all the way after shortening some of the ceiling logs from the original old house. 

I saved the old piece of log from the dumpster.  It still had its square hand forged nails. 

Pantry and second master bedroom windows got altered and added last minute by us and they arrived and got installed. 

Dry wall started going up on the ceiling of the living room dining room. 

Lily’s bed nook and desk area got drywall

We have one barred rock chicken that the crew named Blanche that insists on being in the house with them all day.  She nests under the stored insulation in the boys bathtub.  Quinn found three eggs there.  That chicken is so crazy friendly. 

Thursday our house got the old cement stoop and path torn up to prep for the small side porch that is going in Friday. 

Master bathroom got lots of drywall

Walls in the living room started getting drywall

Vaulted ceiling in the kitchen also got some drywall


The side porch started going up and it is so cute.

I got to be there several times during the day so I saw the porch coming along.

Drywall continues.

The chicken continues to try and live in the house.

The vault in the kitchen finished up drywall.  

The kids each wrote their name on the inside of the studs in their room.  I love this little house.   I can't wait to move in.  


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