Thursday, May 24, 2018

::parenting a teenage::

Lily and Poppy - BFF
Yes - I have been through this age with Emma.  She is 20 now and off at school being a almost grown up.  But that was totally different.  She had a mom.  She had a very good mother who was very involved and it wasn't my job to try and be that role.  This round of teen daughter it is my turn to lead the charge.  It's a terrifying amount of responsibility.  How in the world can I be in charge of this crew?  Doesn't everyone know I have no idea what I'm doing besides how to plan a Disney trip?

I've got to tell you, I LOVE parenting this Lily teen of mine.  She's 14 now.  We moved her schools about 1.5 years ago.  It was a huge gamble.  We were coming close to family (1.5 miles away) but we were leaving what we knew.  BEST CHOICE WE HAVE MADE SINCE HAVING QUINN!  I love our new little town.  Our whole family fits right in.  There are just enough hippies and yuppies for us to blend in, but enough of an artist vibe that we can be our slightly weird selves and it be cute not crazy.  

Cast as Wendy

That seems to be exactly the experience that my Lily is having.  She is living her best life.  Her musical and theater talents are being developed by her teachers, and she is thriving in that.  She was in the head choir and got the vocal lead in her school play.  We found a summer theater camp for her to do and she got another primes role (exactly the one she wanted) and Miss Hannigan in Annie.  She's going to rock that.  She's taught herself to play the ukulele and is getting better and better every day.  This kid just loves music and singing and I love seeing her be successful.  She is participating in an open to the public talent show and I am excited for her.

Most importantly, she has found the best little group of friends.  They call themselves the Dream Team.  It's a nice group of 4 girls that are so loving and supportive to each other.  The kind of friends that might be stay friends forever.  She had friends at our old school but not like this crew.  These girls are wonderful and I am so happy she has them in her life.  

Now, she still have her teen moments.  She roles her eyes or rages out about something or another.  She can loose it on a little brother in a way that is somewhat scary.  But she is quick to apologize and take responsibility for her choices and actions.  I can't wait to see how this little Lily keeps rolling along.   

Saturday, April 7, 2018

::disney with kids 2018::

We took the kids out of school for a week in Feb and made the trip down to Disney for a week.  

We got to check something off the bucket list and stay at the Polynesian with the kids.  

Mr Max celebrated his birthday in Disney and the life guards gave him a bunch of balloons.  

The boys watched shows one morning and waited for the girls to wake up.  Emma flew in very late after her plane was delayed.

All Q wanted to do was swim. 

We managed to all fit on the People Mover together.  Always a family favorite.  

Little boys getting ready to go in the morning.  

Got to have a little sneak out with the girls.  

And got some awesome treats.  

I had so much fun with all the new ears I've been making. 

Pandora was amazing and we loved the snacks. 

More Pandora fun. 

Emma and I love the bored face pose.

The boys got pet banshees.  

And we walked on Navi river rapids 1 minute before the park closed.  

Rum and Dole Whip has proven to be the best.  

We met Chewie and it was amazing.  

We did so much swimming.  

Hawaiian beer was a big hit.  

We learned a few new tips:
Going with out a stroller is awesome.
Mobile ordering for meals is quick and easy.  We will do it lots more. 
Staying in a normal hotel rooms is not our favorite way to stay on trips but was worth it to get the be in the Poly.  
Buying the kids one large present was better than several little ones.  
Dole Whip and rum is amazing in every way.  
Lyft to transportation is the best.  

::Lily is Wendy::

A few weeks ago Lily had her school play.  She was lucky enough to get the role of Wendy.  

Look how cute her teacher are?  Seriously, they are the cutest.  
Obviously, I think she completely killed it.  She has loved theater her whole little life and she tries so hard.  This kid is constantly watching musical theater and singing.  Her junior high theater department had about zero budget but they managed to but together the greatest version.  And of all the plays that she has been in I feel that this one had the most talented cast. 


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